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Because we want to get our message out to the world about human longevity research, human immortality and transhumanism, we are working on the construction of a platform that will support unlimited numbers of viewers with beautiful, broadcast quality high definition video. Access to the network will be the same as you would use to access Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. You can come to this website on a computer, smart phone or smart TV; or you will be able to access it with Google Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku on any TV.

The purpose of the Super Longevity Network is to promote the work of those people appearing in our videos.  A substantial portion of the proceeds will go to the research and organizational efforts of the speakers and supporters of the network.

By helping us build our network from the start, you’ll be enrolled in our VIP program for life – and a lifetime commitment is a big deal around here.  Our standard pricing will be $4.99 per month or $49.90 billed annually. Using your VIP Coupon, you’ll pay just $25 per year and that’s locked in. In addition, we’ll offer special discounts on products featured on the network.