Welcome to The Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAAD) RAADfest 2016 Launched a Revolution Against Again & Death

This all started at RAADfest 2016, that’s the Revolution Against Aging and Death Festival, where we shot video of presentations from nearly 40 speakers. That produced over 17 hours of finished video, from which a 90-minute documentary, Long Enough to Live Forever, was created and submitted to film festivals. Our goal was to increase the exposure of RAADfest and the radical life extension movement to the world.

As we talked about distribution with producers and TV execs, the same advice kept popping up: “You’ve got a lot of content here and you have an audience – you should keep the content and start a network.” So we listened and we studied and the Super Longevity Network was conceived. The goal remains the same. We want to introduce the world to everything that is happening in the life extension movement. When all people understand how long we all can live, the world will change in a huge, beneficial way. Your support will make that change a reality. Spread the word.