22nd of July

Suzanne Somers Shares Controversial Tips About Hormones Video Segment from RAADfest 2017



Suzanne Somers spoke at and shares her secrets on looking and feeling healthy.

And I realized when I started writing about bioidentical hormones why I was considered so controversial because if you felt as good as me, you don’t need diuretics, you don’t need sleeping pills, you don’t need whatever the female Viagra is. You don’t need any of that because you’re all juiced up. Because hormones are the juice of youth. And it is so wonderful to get you back.

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7th of June

Ilana Lea and the RAAD Challenge to a Long Lifespan Video on health and fitness conducive to a long lifespan.

Ilana Lea, owner of Enerjoy Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ helps people develop sustainable habits to achieve health and fitness conducive to a long lifespan. In 2016, she challenged 30 people of all ages and health levels to train with her for a year, then perform at RAADfest 2017.

Here is that performance, as well as insights into how Ilana produces such powerful results as a fitness trainer, nutritionist, motivator and life coach.